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Michelada Drink Bomb

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For those who do not like beer, here’s a way to turn up the flavor, especially if you like Mexican cuisine. If you have never tried a Michelada, it is basically the Mexican version of a Bloody Mary. Clamato juice is often used in place of tomato juice, and a cerveza is used rather than vodka. The result is a lighter, more refreshing drink with fewer calories. Just drop a drink bomb into your favorite beer and get hooked! It’s refreshing with a bit of tang and spice! 

  • This product does not contain alcohol.
  • 1 (1.25 oz.) drink bomb = 1 serving
  • Always drink responsibly! 


How to Use:

  1. Select your favorite drink bomb.
  2. Add it to your favorite carbonated drink, like club soda or sparkling water.
  3. Add your favorite alcohol, like champagne or vodka.
  4. Optional: Use a shaker or blend with ice for a frozen beverage!
  5. Garnish. Cheers!